Firstly, allow me debunk the myth that hypnotherapy will make you do silly things you wouldn't normally do. This is what's known as 'Stage Hypnosis'. This is far removed from Clinical Hypnotherapy. One could like hypnotherapy to 'private subconscious healing' as we work on shifting negative thoughts from your subconscious mind, and replacing them with positive and realistic change.

In a safe and relaxed environment, hypnotherapy is used to shift non serving, self sabotaging and self limiting beliefs, thoughts and patterns. Many problematic areas that infiltrate your neural pathways can be addressed and positive change is affected.

Why not build new and positive neural pathways through hypnotherapy and declutter what doesn't serve you?

Hypnotherapy can aide you with:

  • ✔ Losing weight
  • ✔ Quitting smoking
  • ✔ Combating fears
  • ✔ Stress Management
  • ✔ General Anxiety
  • ✔ Confidence boost
  • ✔ Sleep deprivation
  • ✔ Pain management
  • ✔ Body Building/Sports Performance prep
  • The list is endless and not limited to this list.

If you are ready to affect positive change through hypnotherapy, make an appointment today.

Elysian Vision Healing

Elysian Vision Healing proves to be a cathartic experience and one that often provides surprising results. A new level of inner peace and shifting is realised.

Highly intuitive soul healing (Seikhem Reiki) - removes 'left behind' soul fragments from past relationships with people. Removes any pain associated with negative relationships, or non serving relationships.

Curse removal (Greek Sacred ancient healing wisdom).

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