Elysian Health and Healing Therapist

HELEN POULOS - Mental and Emotional Health Therapist

"There within you shines the most brightest light inside the deepest darkest moments of our time. Let it not define you, be not afraid to let it grow who you are" - Helen Poulos

Helen is passionate about the wellness and maintenance of one's mind, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Emotions are the drivers that contribute to our mindset which can prove to be either to our benefit or our detriment, depending on how we respond.

She believes that this is still often overlooked, for various reasons but without regular maintenance of your mental wellbeing and balancing of your emotions, you really aren't able to function at your very best. It is important to take pause, if only for ten minutes and ask yourself how you are feeling today. It may seem silly to some, but this ten minutes of 'you' time can make a huge positive impact in your life.

Sometimes we also need a friendly ear to talk to, to be guided sometimes when we feel lost so we can feel validated, accepted...'normal'.

Helen is here to help you to navigate through your most challenging times, to realise that you can overcome, and that you can most certainly change the way you view the world through your lenses.

Helen has studied:

  • ✔ Dip Counselling
  • ✔ Advanced Ego State Therapy (Resource Therapy)
  • ✔ Mindfulness Relaxation Techniques
  • ✔ Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • ✔ Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • ✔ Cert Holistic Counselling
  • ✔ Master Seikhem Reiki Teacher(Energy Healing)
  • ✔ Cert Nutrition and Wellness
  • ✔ Cert Motivational Techniques
  • ✔ Many professional development workshops (ongoing)

As the owner of Elysian Health and Healing, I am extremely passionate and results driven for your positive change to take place. I believe that for you to be visiting my website, it is because you are being called into your own attention, with action to take place.

Elysian Positive Mental Health Strategies include a combination of or stand alone session of the following:

Positive Mental Health Strategies

Hypnotherapy & Elysian Vision Healing