What we do

At Elysian Health and Healing, it is my honour to help you link the painful and draining parts of your memory's life experiences to the present moment to allow appropriate healing and closure.

As a therapist, I specialise in using   Advanced Ego State Therapy (Resource Therapy), which allows for a deeper connection to self and your inner conflicts and confusions to come to a new understanding, and appreciation. Our personalities are made up of different parts and it is here that I connect to and communicate with the different personality parts that are causing you distress.

Through my authorative yet empathetic and very unique Elysian method of Emotion Coaching, Counselling and Advanced Ego State Therapy, I am able to assist you with many areas of your life, not limited to:

  • ✔ Rejection
  • ✔ Anger and Outrage
  • ✔ Depression
  • ✔ Disempowerment
  • ✔ Self Loathing
  • ✔ Loneliness and isolation
  • ✔ Lack of confidence
  • ✔ Sadness
  • ✔ Guilt and shame
  • ✔ Stress
  • ✔ Fear (PTSD)
  • ✔ Anxiety
  • ✔ Rumination
  • ✔ Confusion
  • ✔ Psycho-somatic symptoms (Mind-Body pains)
  • ✔ Addictive behaviours i.e - mobile phone addictions, social media, smoking, eating

Whether you are a   business leader, CEO, parent, teenager, partner - whatever your title, inner reflection can be confronting at times, especially when you feel alone and isolated in your inner world. You are no different in how you are feeling emotionally and mentally - we all travel a similar path and face similar challenges.

Elysian Corporate Change Strategies are also available where Elysian comes to your office and works with your staff, in a small intimate group setting and then spending time one on one with each staff member on how to get to the crux of their blockages that impedes on their own peak performance at work. The results will astound you, and so will our highly competitive price points.

You will leave with a sense of relief and normality; feeling reassured that you are supported in your journey in a caring, non judgemental and empathetic manner. The Elysian experience is transpersonal, highly transformative and results driven. If you are genuinely ready to commit to a positive outlook on life, and to start living, contact us today for a no obligation, highly confidential discussion.

We look forward to hearing from you.